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Is Porter Moser Kosher or Poser?

Day 4, smoke remains black as Marquette's Illuminati huddle somewhere (Milwaukee or Indianapolis), charting a course for MU's next men's basketball coach. Jeff Goodman, Jay Williams, and others are hinting Porter Moser could be Marquette bound. Indiana University and Utah have also been mentioned prominently if he should decide to leave Loyola, which is not a guarantee at this point.

Moser is Kosher

When his teams go to the NCAA tournament, they perform well. On his first trip in 2018, the Ramblers went to the Final Four as an 11 seed. Three straight wins by 2 points or less before handily defeating Kansas State to earn a trip to the National Semi-Finals. It should be pointed out that the Ramblers had a fortunate draw by beating a 6, 3, 7, and 9 seed to make the Final Four before losing to Michigan. This year Loyola Chicago is in the Sweet 16 with a chance to make another Final Four run.

He is a Rick Majerus disciple. Majerus, a beloved member of Marquette's past (except when he was head coach and MU fans turned on him) and brilliant X's and O's strategist was one of Moser's mentors while serving on the Saint Louis University coaching staff.

Moser is a Poser

In 17 years of coaching at the Division I level he has gone to the NCAA tournament twice, or less than 12% of the time. Marquette just fired someone that would have gone three times in seven years (43%).

In the 15 years he did not make the NCAA tournament his coaching record is 235-231. In the two years he did make it, the record is 58-10. He was fired at Illinois State after three losing seasons in four years.

Moser is a Composer

The Ramblers are #1 in the nation in points given per game at 56.1. They also rank high nationally in these categories:

  • #2 Rebounds by opponents per game (27.4)

  • #6 Avg scoring margin (14.5)

  • #6 Shooting % offense (49.7%)

  • #9 Effective FG% Offense (56.3)

  • #1 Free Throws Made by Opponent per game (7.9)

  • #1 Free Throws Attempted by Opponent per game (11.3)

  • #20 Assists Per Field Goals Made (.603)

Moser as a Closer?

Can he recruit high-level players to compete night in and night out in the Big East where teams can prepare for more than in the NCAA tournament? Will his deliberate style work against him in the recruiting battles for high-profile talent?

Other considerations

  • Moser is a Creighton graduate - is there an allure to coach his alma mater? McDermott may be on thin ice with the recent comments that caused him to be suspended

  • He works for the Jesuits already

  • When typing Moser into a phone, it autocorrects to Moses

  • Did we mention two NCAA tournaments in 17 years?

  • Will the MU fanbase be satisfied with a slow tempo approach that has not been seen since Mike Deane?

  • Does Marquette have a 101 year old nun to provide divine intervention for the program?

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