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Dawson Garcia transfers to North Carolina - get used to it folks under new NCAA rules

As we stated the day he went into the portal, Garcia was not coming back to play for Marquette. With the new NCAA transfer rules that allow free agency movement, the rich will get richer and the poaching will begin. Throw in NIL potential, and this is the new reality. No wonder so many Hall of Fame coaches are throwing in the towel.

If you play for a smaller program, or even a very good program like Marquette's, but a blue blood comes calling like a call up to the major leagues, the potential impacts to those schools is very worrisome. It's free agency beyond even what the professionals are subjected to. In the pros, players have to adhere to contracts, In college now, there is nothing binding and you can bet the back channel conversations (cough cough) that go on to entice someone to look elsewhere without having to sit out will be in full bloom moving forward. In the past, that was tempered by sitting out a year.

You are slowly watching the destruction of college sports. The question is how long will it take for the haves to totally decimate the have nots? Five years? Ten years? How many fans of Mid Majors and smaller programs are going to sit around while players are plucked?

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