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Shaka Smart would be a dumb move

Some Marquette fans fed up with Wojo are now pining for Shaka Smart? Why? These same fans complain of MU losing by double digits to a Final Four team and another led by the #2 pick in the NBA draft are ok losing Abilene Christian? Why? Texas is the flagship school of the state, the second largest athletic budget in the country, their own television network (Longhorn Network) and they are losing to Abilene Christian. Beaten on the offensive glass by 18 rebounds.

No excuse for that loss according to Jay Bilas, but we are supposed to hire a guy that is radioactive after this latest stumble? Marquette had their shot at Smart under the famous #donedeal non-announcement. He said no. Please do not go back groveling back to someone who spurned us once, and now may be desperate to get out for underperformance against teams worse that Wojo ever faced in the NCAA tournament. A dumb move is hiring Smart.

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