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Shaka wins the press conference

Early reactions are positive. Said all the right things.

Excited to be back in Wisconsin. His mother, who lives in the Madison area, is thrilled her son is coming back to the state.

Promises to focus on relationships, personal growth, bring energy to the program.

Has not yet met with the players in person, but has spoken to them via phone. Mentioned by name Justin Lewis, DJ Carton, Dawson Garcia and how the staff can help them play to their strengths and confidence.

When asked about 2014...he was not ready to move beyond VCU and said reports of his departure were erroneous. #DoneDeal

Local area talent has gotten better since he played high school in the state, but he will focus on fit whether they are local kids or from different parts of the country to fill out a team.

When asked about being the first black coach in MU history he said it was significant and proud to be the first. Mentioned the recent number of hires of African Americans and the opportunities provided to those coaches. When asked about placing a female on the staff, he said he will hire the best people he can regardless of gender, but acknowledged some talented females in the profession.

Has relationship with Doc Rivers that goes back to Austin Rivers committing to Florida when he was an assistant there. Will lean heavily on Doc for advice and mentorship. Called Doc the peak of the basketball coaching profession and a man of class.

He wants seasons where he can hang "things" in the rafters long term.

He cannot wait to get started.

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